Perkins 400 Series Engine

The 4 cylinder 404 EP Series of engines offers a proven, robust solution for customers in the generator set market who are looking for a space-saving solution that meets their specific power requirements.

It’s the most refined member of the 400 Series, offering improvements such as reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). It also offers the same customer benefits as the wider series, such as reliability, cold-start capability, low operating costs, excellent fuel economy and compact, clever design.

The series of 2.2 litre ElectropaK engines operate efficiently and reliably on prime and standby duty, hitting the key power nodes required by our customers. Some models also provide the flexibility of switching between engine speeds and electrical frequency to meet your specific territory’s needs.

Like other members of the 400 Series family, quiet and dependable operation make it the ideal choice for applications in urban areas where noise is a concern. However, it will perform just as reliably in the most extreme geographic locations, whether it’s seriously hot or bitterly cold. It’s a popular choice as a power generation solution for telecommunications facilities, such as phone masts, particularly in Africa.

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Product Specification of Marine Engine Perkins 400 Series


Number of cylinders

3 in-line

Bore and stroke

84 x 100 mm

3.3 x 3.9 in


1.662 litres

101.4 in3


Naturally aspirated


4 stroke

Combustion system

Indirect injection

Compression ratio



Anti-clockwise, viewed on flywheel

Total lubricating capacity

6 litres

1.6 US gal

Cooling system


Total coolant capacity

2.5 litres

0.6 US gal

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