SFH CURSOR 11 Engine
Cursor Series engines are available in both Diesel and CNG versions, compliant with Euro VI step A/C standards, with power rating from 245 to 570 hp. Cursor Series stands out for superb performance combined with contained fuel consumption. Electronically-controlled Variable Geometry Turbocharger (EVGT) allows the development of maximum torque up to 2,500 Nm at as low as 1,000 rpm (on Cursor 13). Torque availability over a wide rpm range guarantees all Cursor automotive applications top-level flexibility and fuel efficiency. The 6-cylinder Cursor engine range offers displacements from 7.8 to 12.9 liters (trucks only). Cursor 8 and 9 engines are also supplied in natural gas version.
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The main technical parameters of SFH Cursor 11
Type SFH Cursor 11
Number of cylinders 6-cylinder
turbocharged, common rail, in-line
Product applications for trucks
Other characteristics
4-stroke, liquid-cooled
1,900 Nm; 2,150 Nm; 2,250 Nm; 2,300 Nm (1,401.3681 ft.lb)
Power 309 kW, 338 kW, 353 kW (420.123 hp)
Rotational speed

Min. : 550 rpm (6,455.75 rad.min-1)

Max. : 2,320 rpm (14,576.99 rad.min-1)

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