Weichai WP4 Engine

The overhaul period of high-strength engine block, crankshaft, connecting rod and cylinder head is 12000h.

The high-quality suppliers of Weichai system are used. It is developed according to the high requirements of large displacement engines for reliability. Rigorous and perfect test methods ensure the reliability of key parts and component.

The torque reserve is as high as 20%-35%,the range of large torque section is wide, and the ships equipped with the engine will have good acceleration.

Reasonable allocation of oil pump, turbocharger, air intake and exhaust system; low oil consumption under common working conditions; good economical nature.

With shallow combustion chamber, the best cylinder clearance and swirl ratio, the fuel consumption rate is as low as 195g/kW•h.

The NVH optimization for the whole engine effectively reduces vibration and noise. There is no IMO emission requirement.

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Series Model Air intake mode Rated power kW/Ps Speer/min Fuel feeding mode Emission level Power classification
WP4 WP4C82-15 Turbocharged 60/82 1500 Mechanical pump P1
WP4C95-18 Turbocharged 70/95 1800 Mechanical pump P1
WP4C102-21 Turbocharged 75/102 2100 Mechanical pump P1
WP4C102-15 Turbocharged and intercooled 75/102 1500 Mechanical pump P1
WP4C120-18 Turbocharged and intercooled 88/120 1800 Mechanical pump P1
WP4C130-21 Turbocharged and intercooled 95/130 2100 Mechanical pump P1
Type Four-stroke, water cooled, in-line,turbocharged/turbocharged and intercooled Number of cylinders 4
Cylinder Bore/stroke 105×130(mm) Displacement 4.5L
Oil consumption rate ≤0.2g/kW·h Noise ≤100dBA
Minimum fuelconsumption rate 195g/kW·h Idle speed 650±30r/min
Rotation directionof crankshaft
(facing the flywheel end)
Counter-clockwise Net weight 600kg
Dimensions Length × Width × Height 1065×819×1056mm
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