Yuchai YC6B Engine

This series of diesel engines are products developed by Yuchai using German technology and Japanese marine technology;

• The block and cylinder head are made of alloy cast iron, which has a high degree of strengthening, adopts an integral crankshaft, sliding bearings, small size, light weight, and high reliability; the overhaul period is more than 10,000 hours;

• Adopting necking combustion technology, AD type high pressure oil pump, low inertia small nozzle injector, more complete combustion, fuel consumption index is far better than domestic products with the same power gear, the advantages of supercharged models are more obvious; using Yuchai's proprietary pistons With ring sealing technology and valve oil sealing technology, the lubricating oil consumption is more than 50% lower than that of domestic products with the same power level;

• It is the ideal power for the propulsion engine of small ships and small fishing boats and 50-100kW marine generator sets.

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Model YC6108CA YC6B100-C20 YC6108ZC YC6B150C YC6B165L-C20 YC6B165C
Configuration Vertical in-line, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled
Bore x Stroke (mm) 108 xl25
Aspiration Turbocharged & inter-cooled
Displacement (L) 6.87
Compression ration 17.5:1
Rated power/Speed (kW/r/min) 63/1500 74/1800 80/1500 110/1800 120/1800 120/2300
Fuel consumption g/(kW*h) <198
Oil consumption g/(kW*h) <0.8
Rotation Counterclockwise ( facing flywheel)
Starting method Electric
Dry weight (kg) 750
Engine dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 1415 x 877 x 1025
Certificate ZC, ZY,CCS

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