Phaser 135Ti Engine

The Lovol Power B/D series matching vehicle engine is based on European professional technology experience and integrates the world's top engine design concept. It is specially designed for high-end medium and heavy trucks. It is a high safety factor and high reliability. World class powertrain.

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Product selling point:

Powerful: Advanced European technology, effectively improve the efficiency of the pumping, the engine power is more powerful, and it is easy to drive, match the fast start of heavy load, strong climbing ability and accelerate the overtaking performance after matching the whole vehicle.

Energy-saving and fuel-efficient: Based on European technology, high-explosive pressure, high-efficiency proprietary combustion system, fuel consumption is 5% to 8% lower than domestic diesel engines.

Stable and reliable: the cylinder strength is increased by more than 30%. The inner cooling oil passage and the low heat load high reliability piston are used. The whole machine and parts are verified by a cumulative 100,000 hours to ensure long-term effective operation.

High temperature resistance and high cold resistance: The efficient heat dissipation system allows the engine to withstand the temperature of 50 °C. The unique intake air preheating system ensures that the engine can run easily at -30 °C. The products are sold in Russia and Iran in large quantities. welcome.

Service upgrade

The warranty period for basic components is 24 months / 100,000 kilometers, the warranty period for important parts is 18 months / 100,000 kilometers, and the general parts and components are 12 months / 60,000 kilometers, which is 50% longer than that of competitive brand engines.

Performance Data
New model 4B135-e3P
Power output (max.) 101/135
Rated speed 2600
Torque (max.) 445
Speed at Max. torque 1500
Emission of gaseous pollutant Euro Euro

General Data

No.of Cylinders 4
Aspiration Turbochached with air/air/intercooler
Cubic capacity (L) 4
Bore/Stroke(mm) 100*127
Firing order 1-3-2-4
Cooling Liquid
Combustion system Fastram direct injection
Compression ratio 17.5:1
Rotation Counterclockwise viewed from flywheel
Power take-off From crankshaft axially or radially
Net Weight (Kg) 331
Length (mm) 668.5
width (mm) 614
Height (mm) 782

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